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We are very excited for our first all school Mass tomorrow. It will also be our first Family Friday Mass! Students will assemble with their families and sit with each other during Mass. Younger students will be picked up from their classroom by older students. If you are a new student, older students in the Family groups will explain where to go/what to do (staff mentors will help too!). If you haven't already done so, please fill out the Google Form regarding T-shirts for Family Friday. Each family has a designated color of shirt (we look like the beautiful mosaic of windows in the church!) and the T-shirts are $10 (please send to office as soon as possible).

Please Note: School Masses (8:00 am) are closed to the public, doors will remain locked. School parents who wish to attend Mass may enter Door 13 when Mrs. Kepa arrives to escort you in. We request that you sit behind the "reserved" sign on pews or choose to sit in pews behind the choir chairs.

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