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School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council is an advisory body operating the education programs of Saint Paul Catholic School. Through strategic planning, and with the guidance of the Gary Diocese, the SAC develops the philosophy, objectives, and general policies of the school. This includes the long-range planning around facilities, budget, and financial stability.

Perhaps most importantly, the advisory is liaison to the complete parish body, and ambassadors for the parents. The advisory welcomes the thoughts, ideas, and concerns of the parish community.

The SAC holds open meetings monthly, and requests for inclusion on the agenda as new business must be submitted to and approved by the SAC President.

School Advisory Council Members 2023-24:

Rev. Douglas Mayer, Pastor –
Lisa Hughes, Principal –

Donna Shane, Teacher Representative-

Amanda Bookholt, Marketing/Enrollment Director-
Anthony Antonacci, President

Robert Corns, Athletics Chair
Natalie Fox, Fundraising Committee Chair
Jackie Gasparovic, Secretary and Fundraising Committee 
Chelsea Bramfeld, School, Parish & Alumni Communications Committee Chair

Melissa Burt, Home & School

Jeremiah Muryasz, Volunteer Coordinator

Jared Cartee, Technology

Seth Little, Buildings and Grounds Committee Chair

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