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Rooted In Faith…Preparing Children for Success!

Teachers at Saint Paul Catholic School Valparaiso Indiana

IN School Choice Funds

  1. Visit to learn more about Indiana’s Choice Scholarship Program.

  2. Review the criteria that must be met for a student to qualify for an Indiana Choice Scholarship, including:

    – The income requirements for each applying household.

    – The eight different pathways that a student can meet in order to participate in the program (a student must only meet one of the eight pathways to participate).

  3. Complete the online questionnaire to confirm your eligibility and see how much your child could potentially qualify for.

  4. Follow the instructions to connect directly with a participating Choice school in the Catholic Diocese of Gary in your area to learn more about how to apply for that school. Once your child is enrolled in a Choice school, the school will submit the student application for a Choice Scholarship on your behalf. 

  5. If you are already enrolled in a participating Choice school but do not currently receive an Indiana Choice Scholarship, reach out to your school to discuss your eligibility and begin the application process.

Schedule a Tour

Our website gives you an introduction to our students, teachers, and campus life, but there’s no substitute for a personal visit! Call (219) 462-3374 to schedule a school-day visit or simply fill out the form below and get the true Saint Paul experience.

We also host an annual Open House in January. Teachers will be in their classrooms ready to greet you and discuss their curriculum, and students are available to talk about their Saint Paul experience.

Our Address:
1755 W. Harrison Blvd
Valparaiso, IN 46385

Schedule a Tour
IN School Choice Funds

Why Saint Paul Catholic School

"Academically, Saint Paul not only prepared us for our high school classes but challenged us to attempt to succeed to the very best of our ability. There is always a focus on others, and even in our academics we are reminded of the blessings we have received and the gifts we have to offer. In many ways, Saint Paul has given us the strength to live our Catholic faith which is so very important in our lives today."

Katie Sherman, SPCS 2013

"The most obvious and wonderful benefits `{`we acquired at Saint Paul School`}` are spiritual. Starting in first grade, we prayed, said the rosary and prepared to receive the sacraments. In middle school, we helped at Opportunity Enterprise and spent time with seniors at St. Agnes. Our Family Friday program that took place once a month included an afternoon of activities with a group consisting of students from each grade. Family Friday gave the older students a sense of responsibility and the younger ones a sense of belonging."

Jake Sherman, SPCS 2012

"While the school provides students with a great education, it also provides them with many extra-curricular activities. Joining the speech team was one of the best choices I made; it’s really fun."

Lauren Moberley, SPCS 2013

"Student-teacher relationships like `{`the ones I’ve experienced`}` set Saint Paul apart...relationships of mutual respect and love centered around the common sense of a strong faith. These relationships make for the amazing classroom atmosphere, as well. Saint Paul gave me confidence in the classroom, and the benefits of this have been countless. Entering high school, I know that to succeed, the most important things were to never be afraid to ask a question, to never mindlessly accept what was taught, and to always keep an open mind. I thank Saint Paul `{`and`}` the wonderful educators there who instilled these values in me."

Mary Cobble, SPCS 2011

"Little did I realize what a faith based education would do for me in a public high school. Faith was always a part of our life at Saint Paul. We went to Mass two or three times each week, said daily prayers, and attended religion class on a regular basis. Faith was woven throughout everything we did. Our education provided a moral compass that we could use everywhere. Now that I am in high school, I am using that compass as I navigate through my classes, activities, and friendships."

Lucy Cobble, SPCS 2014

"There were 26 kids in Lucy’s and my graduating class, and now we’re at the high school with a class of about 500. One would think Valparaiso High School would be overwhelming coming from such a small school, but I can honestly say the size never intimidated me. Saint Paul taught me how to think for myself, form my own relationships, and join clubs and activities that created smaller groups within a school of 2200 students. High school has been an easy adjustment coming from a strong faith based background that instilled discipline and independence."

Grace Cobble, SPCS 2014

"The people that I met during my first day of fourth grade are some of the people I call my closest friends today. Not only was I making long lasting friendships, I was also developing the necessary educational tools to help me become successful. With the foundation that was built by my teachers at Saint Paul, I was able to go from being a below average student to receiving scholarships from the universities of my choice. In fact, I enjoyed going to a Catholic school so much, I will be attending a Catholic university this fall."

Billy Yogan, SPCS 2011

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