Saint Paul School participates in the SCRIP program, an easy fundraiser where a percentage of money raised from selling gift cards goes toward the school. SPCS families are responsible for raising $775 through this program each year. The amount earned depends on the discount the school receives when it purchases the gift cards. For instance, a gift card for Speedway earns 5 percent; a gift card for Walgreens earns 6 percent. Hundreds of stores, restaurants, and other retailers offer scrip. Visit to learn more.

What other ways can I reduce my tuition obligation?

SPCS’s voucher program is similar to scrip, but there’s nothing to buy in advance. We provide you with a voucher that you carry in your wallet and use at any of the participating merchants.  When you patronize any of the participating merchants, they will send the school a rebate in your name, and that rebate will count toward your fundraising total.

Statements go home every month so families can monitor their progress.

Families that choose not to participate in the scrip and voucher fundraisers may pay $775 instead. Families that don’t raise the full amount may pay the balance at the end of the year.

New families will receive details about this program after enrolling their child(ren) at SPCS, and they  may begin earning fundraising dollars immediately.

Questions? Email Ann Marie Delinsky at