Interested in learning more about the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program and finding out if you qualify? 


  1. Visit to learn more about Indiana’s Choice Scholarship Program.
  2. Review the criteria that must be met for a student to qualify for an Indiana Choice Scholarship, including:

    – The income requirements for each applying household.

    – The eight different pathways that a student can meet in order to participate in the program (a student must only meet one of the eight pathways to participate).

  3. Complete the online questionnaire to confirm your eligibility and see how much your child could potentially qualify for.

  4. Follow the instructions to connect directly with a participating Choice school in the Catholic Diocese of Gary in your area to learn more about how to apply for that school. Once your child is enrolled in a Choice school, the school will submit the student application for a Choice Scholarship on your behalf. 

  5. If you are already enrolled in a participating Choice school but do not currently receive an Indiana Choice Scholarship, reach out to your school to discuss your eligibility and begin the application process.